Debt reunification: a support to your economy.

Debt reunification helps a lot when it comes to controlling a company’s liabilities. We know that it is not easy to manage the flow of expenses that are generated when your business is growing and that is why debts are usually generated. This is not really bad if you know how to work with these […]? →Read more

Microcredit And Personal Loan: Understand The Difference.

More than a financing policy, microcredit is characterized as a poverty alleviation policy. It was created in the 1970s by Allanic Mocka, an economist and natural banker from Bangladesh, a country located in southern Asia. The initiative was intended to stimulate entrepreneurship in very poor populations without access to bank credit. The idealization of microcredit […]? →Read more

How to keep your debts under control | Loan Consolidation

Financial problems are more common than people think. It is certainly not just a problem for people with a minimum income. People with a high income and two-income households also often have trouble making ends meet. Often there are personal loans in play, or revolving credit, or have you fallen behind in paying bills. People […]? →Read more

What to do if you are unable to pay a loan?

When deciding to apply for a loan from your bank, the first step should always be to inquire at your institution about the consequences that affect the applicant if he is no longer able to pay the installments of the personal loan initially requested. Unfortunately, it often happens that consumers, attracted by the favorable lending […]? →Read more

What happens if I don’t pay the loan installments and I build up a debt

Installment Loan The economic crisis has increased the so-called bank suffering: it means that there are more and more customers of banks that accumulate a debt because for example they do not pay the installments of a loan. But what happens in these cases? What are the risks for consumers? Let’s see in detail what […]? →Read more

How to get out of debt? | Debt Consolidation

According to data from October 2018, as many as 1.8 million Poles are indebted . In addition, most of them have more than one debt – in total, Poles have over 3 million unpaid debts. The value of debts with which Poles are liable amounts to PLN 25 billion . HOW TO LEAVE THE DEBTS? […]? →Read more

Payday Loan of 3,000 Euros: Rate, Requirements and Timing

Who should we contact and how can we get a payday loan of 3000 euros ? How should we act to get this small loan without spending too much money because of interest? Who should we contact and what are the different options and the most convenient? We see it in this guide of ours […]? →Read more

Consolidation Loan For Indebted

Excessive indebtedness is a problem known to many Poles. A person who does not pay off the debts must be reckoned with the visits of debt collectors, calls for payment, and, ultimately, with the court bailiff. It is no pleasure, hence the consolidation of loans / loans become popular. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest companies […]? →Read more