Consolidation Loan For Indebted

Excessive indebtedness is a problem known to many Poles. A person who does not pay off the debts must be reckoned with the visits of debt collectors, calls for payment, and, ultimately, with the court bailiff. It is no pleasure, hence the consolidation of loans / loans become popular.

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest companies on the market that feed on indebted people. They charge initial fees, preparation fees, and eventually, the customer does not receive any money anyway.

A special offer for indebted people was prepared. It is a consolidation loan that will pay off all our outstanding liabilities. Most importantly – the loan is also available for people with bailiffs and negative credit history at BIK.

Consolidation for indebted

Consolidation for indebted

  • A loan secured by real estate
  • Up to 70% of the property value
  • Up to PLN 30,000 without real estate
  • Also with the court bailiff and negative history
  • No initial fees
  • Getting to the customer all over the country

How to get a consolidation loan

In order to get a loan, two conditions must be met: an indication of the property to be secured and a stable income.

Who can apply for consolidation for debtors in Credit Unions?

The loan is available throughout the country. The maximum consolidation amount is 70% of the property value. A consolidation loan may be granted to people with Polish citizenship who have a fixed income enabling them to pay off the obligation.

Important information: the product is also available to over-indebted people who have a court bailiff and debt collection. We pay off all our outstanding liabilities with a consolidation loan.

Does consolidation also apply to payday loans?

consolidation  loans

Of course. The subject of the consolidation loan may be cash loans, installments, credit cards and so-called payday loans (Vivus, Profi Credit and the rest).

I have a court bailiff, is there any chance of getting a consolidation?

Yes. It is a debt relief loan intended to pay off all outstanding liabilities. The bailiff is not an obstacle, and the negative credit history in BIK and BIG is not an obstacle. After receiving the loan, all the bans of the court bailiff are closed. It is probably the best consolidation for debtors with bailiffs.

What is non-banking consolidation?

This term is used to determine the consolidation that we will receive in a non-bank institution.

Do I have a chance for consolidation for indebted credit unions with a low credit rating?

When granting a debt loan, investigates two parameters: the amount of income and the value of the real estate constituting the collateral. Sending the application costs nothing, so we lose nothing.

The loan is a typical mortgage for indebted people. No commercial banks offer it. The loan is intended to help the Debtor exit from the spiral of indebtedness. In the case of regular repayment, the credit history in BIK automatically improves after a dozen or so months. Consequently – it is possible to transfer a loan to a bank with a lower interest rate.

I have a negative credit history, can I get consolidation for indebted?

I have a negative credit history, can I get consolidation for indebted?

The negative credit history in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) is not affected by the possibility of obtaining a debt loan at SKOK. However, to get a loan, we should have a fixed income to pay off the installment and indicate the property that will secure the loan.

When will I receive a decision on consolidation for indebted?

Up to 3 business days. In that period, we will receive a decision on the possibility of receiving consolidation. This is the time needed to analyze the credit situation of the client, check the legal status of the property, etc.

When will I receive the payment of funds from consolidation?

Each case is considered individually. The deadline for withdrawing money from a large loan depends on us – when we deliver all the required documents.

Consolidation for indebted debts without – does it mean that does not check the database at all?

The element of customer verification is checking its credit history at BIK (Credit Information Bureau). However, negative credit history does not affect the possibility of receiving a consolidation loan.

We check  in order to determine the total debt of the client and prepare a repayment plan for all debts. We are aware that most of the people who sign up have a negative credit history. Consolidation for indebted people is intended to pay off all outstanding debts and fix one installment at a convenient rate.

How can you send documents to receive debt consolidation

Some of the documents can be sent directly in the form of scans.

What is the purpose of consolidation for debtors in Credit Unions?

What is the purpose of consolidation for debtors in Credit Unions?

Our assumption is real help for the client, not his additional indebtedness. For this reason, loans will not be granted to people who receive low income, making it impossible to pay monthly installments. The indebted person receives from SKOK an opportunity to repay all outstanding liabilities: in banks or loan companies.

Consolidation opinions for indebted households

Below, we place your opinions on the consolidation loan. Many people are surprised that SKOK grants loans to indebted people at all. All clients appreciate the lack of initial fees before receiving consolidation.

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